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Chest Press
January 31, 2014
A great exercise for building muscle, toning muscle for the entire chest.
Back Squats
January 31, 2014
The king of all exercises! The back squat targets the entire lower body (quads and glutes mainly). The back squat is simply incredible for all muscle building, muscle toning, strength training and fat loss goals.
Clean And Press
January 30, 2014
The clean and press is a advance exercise that works the entire body. This exercise is great for fat loss and strength training programmes.
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Lamb Clilli
Serves 2   25 Minutes   September 27, 2014
A mouth watering dish that's easy to make for any night of the week. This meal is wheat and gluten free and contains high levels of protein and is low in carbs.
Muscle & Strength
Serves 1   15 Minutes   September 16, 2014
This meal contains good levels of both protein and carbohydrate, perfect for those of you looking to gain muscle and increase strength.
Steak, Egg & Rice
Serves 2   15 Minutes   September 15, 2014
Simple and easy meal. This meal contains high levels of amino acids, fatty acids and carbohydrates! Perfect for muscle and strength!
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Upper body- Advance
August 15, 2014
An upper body workout to increase strength and size.
Eccentric #1 - Advance
August 15, 2014
An amazing workout to increase upper body strength. NOTE- This workout is for advance trainers only and we highly recommend that you have a workout buddy to spot you.
The Killer Legs Workout
May 24, 2014
This one is hard! Be ready to walk like a zombie for the next few days!
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